Gonzo Chefs Prep It Forward Program

Starting spring 2018, Gonzo Chefs will take on one client a week, instructing them through our in-home Prep It Forward Program, designed to empower home cooks with the methods and skills needed to easily replicate the Gonzo system. The full program includes the following 4 sessions:

1) Kitchen Consultation • Lifestyle Needs Assessment • Menu Planning $50
  • In-house consultation to assess kitchen equipment needs, client’s diet, allergies, cooking habits, goals, skills, and priorities/values
    • i.e. Rate the following from 1 to 6, 1 being highest priority:
    • Health
    • Dietary Restrictions/Allergies
    • Skill Building
    • Free Time
    • Environment
    • Saving money
  • Brief education of professional kitchen tools
  • Menu plan including 4 bulk dishes of client’s interest to be made in session 4
2) Recipe Development • Mise En Place $50
  • Lesson in easy recipe building, ratio-based structure, simple ingredients while considering the balance on the palate (i.e. salt, sweet, sour/acidic, bitter, umami)
  • Instruction on how to incorporate the ingredients you need into the dishes you enjoy and phase out/substitute ingredients you should avoid
  • Provide useful kitchen conversion charts, demonstration on organizing “mise en place”(ingredients, equipment, timeline) to increase efficiency and ease for sessions 3 and 4
3) Shopping Tutorial • Local Farmers • Networking in Our Food System $50 + cost of ingredients & containers
  • Assessment of purchasing priorities (local, organic, proximity to home, price point, etc.)
  • Recommendations on where and how to buy and what to look for in ingredient quality, quantity, and price
  • Provide a list, introduction and over view of local farmers, markets, and other food related businesses our community has to offer to help you customize your personal food system in your style
4) In The Kitchen • Prep, Portion, Freeze $200
  • In-home meal preparation day, where we bring together sessions 1 through 3
  • Instruction on recipe reference, ingredient treatment and preparation, cooking method options, and how to become obsessed with food and cooking for yourself in your own space
  • Prepare the 4 recipes developed during session 2 yielding approximately 8 –10 portions of each
  • Provide equipment needed to execute the Gonzo system and to illustrate the need for professional tools

Sessions 1 and 2 are conducted during the same meeting at the client’s home, which can be done any time, while sessions 3 and 4 are best scheduled on 2 consecutive days, a shop day followed by an in-home cook day.

The full program can be scheduled as many times as the client wishes with new recipes for each round at a 10% discount following the first full round.

We also offer the program’s separate sessions at full cost following the client’s first full round based on the client’s strengths or interests. This is beneficial if you’d like instruction on developing more recipes but feel confident in following through with the system based on the skills you’ve developed. Or vice versa and you are confident in your planning but need assistance with the execution.

5) The SANS Client Session $400 + cost of ingredients & containers
  • For those who wish to bypass skill building, Gonzo Chefs will do a shopping and in-home meal preparation session, cooking 4 existing Gonzo bulk recipes of the client’s choice, to be portioned and frozen at the client’s home without their participation

Ask us about our mindfulness discounts, based on the needs and circumstances of our clients.

If you are a professional chef interested in this program and are looking for some autonomy, CONTACT US about The Prep It Forward: Chef Edition. Gain some confidence and personal income while sharing your skills with your community.